OCR History simplifies using the best text recognition tools available

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software plays a major role in our ability to study texts and data from the pre-digital age. Implementing it, however, is often a challenge. Beforehand, researchers don't know which programs will be most useful for their purpose or how to improve outcomes from imperfect documents. 

OCR History makes this easy. It provides a user-friendly interface from which you can test image preprocessing techniques and two leading OCR tools, Amazon's Textract and Google's Cloud Vision. It also adds the ability to batch implement these at scale. 

Beginners will appreciate the detailed guidance and accessible format. Those with no coding experience can quickly get set up to visualize and compare how Google Cloud Vision and Amazon Textract perform on text and table extraction from scanned documents. 

More experienced users will benefit from the speed and efficiency with which they can test and implement image preprocessing and text detection at scale. 

Check out the GitHub page for OCR History

OCR History is a collaboration between myself and Leander Heldring.